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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy – property owners/managers

Our annual subscription allows you to pay a one off fee to list a property for a full year for unlimited bookings. We do not offer a pay per booking service.

You have a 14 day peace of mind period where if you cancel your subscription within that time you will receive a full refund.

You won’t have to worry about renewing your subscription each year as it will automatically renew so that your listing doesn’t expire each year. The payment will be taken from the card listed on file.

If you wish to cancel your subscription you need to do this by email to at least 28 days before your renewal date. Your account will remain live until the renewal date but this will ensure that payment is not taken for the following year. If you prefer to speak to one of our advisors, please call 0845 3883882

If you cancel your subscription, then people won’t be able to make new bookings on your property but your existing bookings will be kept.

Bookavilla reserves the right to be able to terminate your subscription and/or close your account by giving you no less than 7 days’ notice by email to your email address registered with us. We may also terminate your subscription without notice if you breach any of our Owner Terms and Conditions. We may suspend, restrict or terminate your access to Bookavilla services at any time without notice if we have reasonable grounds to believe you have breached any of our Owner Terms and Conditions. This shall not limit our right to take action against you that we consider appropriate to defend our rights or those of any other person.

You will be able to restart your subscription at any time which couldn’t be simpler, just log in to your account and update your annual fee payment details. You will not be entitled to the 14 day peace of mind period for renewed subscriptions.

Holiday Makers

If you wish to cancel your holiday property, you need to contact the property owner directly as Bookavilla do not process refunds.

Properties cancelled before 12 weeks prior to the start of your stay will be refunded in full, after 12 weeks it is at the discretion of the individual property owner.

For Property Owners

How to Cancel a Reservation on Bookavilla

If you find yourself needing to cancel a reservation, follow these easy steps: