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Carrie Pickerden

Turin: Among Italian Engines and Gastronomy

Being the place where the Shroud of Turin is kept and also the place where are located the headquarters of Fiat, is not something to be overlooked. But Turin, the fourth largest city in Italy, is much more than this.

Turin has something from the coffee culture and elegance of Trieste during the day and something from the vibrant lifestyle of Milan during the night, all this gathered in the heart of Piemonte, the Italian region most famous for its exquisite food and wines.

In the city can be admired the stadium of the popular soccer club Juventus, museums, and many other interesting attractions. Undoubtedly, Turin is a great travel destination. Here are the best things to do in a city break.

1. Morning at Bicerin

Replace your morning coffee with a bicerin, a special mixture of coffee, hot chocolate, and frothed milk, served in a tulip-shaped glass, at Caffè Al Bicerin. Inaugurated in 1763, this cosy little bar with eight marble tables and wooden décor, was probably the first ever to serve this delicious drink that goes perfectly well with a slice of nut cake.

2. A Sweet Walk

The famous chain of ice cream shops Grom was born in this city, but if you want to taste a unique ice cream, try a cup of pistachios and nougat at the Gelateria Alberto Marchetti. Reward yourself with this creamy delight, while walking through some of the most beautiful areas of the city, starting with San Carlo Square, which is surrounded by elegant Baroque buildings.

From the square head to Via Roma, passing under some of the famous porticos of Turin, trails lined by arcades. Here you will be able to admire two splendid royal palaces belonging to the House of Savoy, the Madama Palace and the Royal Palace. Behind the Royal Palace is located the chapel where is kept the famous Shroud of Turin.

3. Return to the Origins

In March 2011 was celebrated the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. As Turin was the first capital of the united republic, the celebration here included the reopening of Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano. Inside the museum can be admired beautiful frescoes of important Italian personalities like Vittorio Emanuele II, Mazzini and Garibaldi. A stone’s throw away from this museum is located Museo delle Antichità Egizie, where is exhibited an impressive collection of Egyptian artefacts, the largest in the world.

4. Coffee Culture

To taste the delicious local coffee go to Caffè Mulassano where, besides coffee, you can taste some tiny crispy sandwiches invented in this bar, together with many other delicacies. If you’ll find this place to be crowded, try the nearby Baratti & Milano, a very elegant café.

5. Two Times Mole

Florence has the Duomo, Turin has the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of the city. Inside is located a film museum and from the top can be enjoyed mesmerizing views and sunsets over the Alps. After visiting Mole Antonelliana, go to Sotto la Mole, a restaurant specialized in traditional cuisine where you can taste some polenta with cheese or agnolotti, dumplings stuffed with minced meat.

6. The History of Cars

Turin has been the backbone of the production of Italian cars, to this standing testimony the letter “T” on the Fiat vehicles, which comes from Turin. Nowadays, however, where once stood a huge Fiat factory is now located the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile recently reopened after extensive renovation works. The museum is really fascinating, presenting the progress of the automobile vehicles from the beginnings until the future, displaying interesting concept cars.

7. Eat…aly

Within walking distance from the museum is located the huge complex Eataly dedicated to the gourmet Italian food and not only. There are many cities where you can visit this complex, including one in New York, but this is the first one, the place where Eataly history began. Inside the complex, you can either buy many food specialities unavailable elsewhere or have dinner in one of the small restaurants located between the shelves of the shop. No matter what you choose, the experience will be unique.


Now book a flight ticket, an accommodation, and live a fabulous city break in Turin. Bon voyage!