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Carrie Pickerden

The Most Awesome Places in the World for Ski Lovers

If you’re a ski lover, you have probably tried already the traditional ski resorts found almost everywhere around the world. Ski is a sport that can offer intense sensations, but if you want to take your skiing experience to the next level, maybe it is the time to search for a new destination.

It’s not easy to find a different ski resort, but don’t lose hope. Get inspired from my list and then go and live an ultimate ski experience.

1. Troll Peninsula, Iceland

The real dream of every true skier is basically one: descending on a virgin slope. And there is no better place than Iceland if you want to fulfil that dream. Hidden in the heart of the country, on the Troll Peninsula, is located Jökull Bergmann’s farm boasting the Klængshóll Lodge. The lodge offers basic accommodation, but what is really unique about Bergmann’s idea is that he invented a true heli-skiing “boutique” resort.

Basically, he offers the real ski lovers the possibility to live a really ultimate ski experience. Here, you will be able to descent into the wild, enjoying the absolute silence. There is no established path you must follow, and you can choose any slope covered by an untouched carpet of snow, admiring the amazing view and enjoying the smell of the sea. And trying the first descent in the light of the midnight sun, it is something absolutely amazing.

2. Hokkaido, Japan

The perfect skiing formula, namely a huge amount of snow and few skiers, can be found in Hokkaido. The locals are not really passionate about skiing, and this forgotten paradise is now rediscovered by those who want to ski in absolute freedom, away from the queues and jammed slopes.

Niseko is the most popular resort. Boasting the island’s longest slopes, mesmerizing views over Mount Yotei and excellent facilities, this is the ideal base if you want to ski and relax at the same time. But the other resorts in Hokkaido are also worth a visit. Kamui has the slopes protected from bad weather and winds. There are no shelters here, but the resort is easily accessible from Furano, one of the largest ski areas located in the centre of the island.

If you’re looking for a strange mix of exclusive facilities and ski slopes, go to Tomamu. Here, besides perfect snow, you will find four luxury hotels, an igloo village, and a huge indoor swimming pool.

3. Banff, Canada

Long skiing season, wild panoramas and powdery snow, all these can be found in Canada. There are kilometres of ski slopes suitable for all tastes, modern facilities and a quality of the snow that differentiate Canada from the rest of the world. In fact, the snow here is dried and powdery, being the real star of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The best resorts to visit here is Banff, a magical base boasting an amazing castle and wonderful slopes. And after you try the snow and have fun skiing, you can discover the other amazing attractions this place has to offer. One of them is having a walk with snowshoes to discover the wilderness of the woods. The other is going on a trip to discover the fascinating ice falls in the Johnston Canyon.

4. Erzurum, Turkey

What do you think about enjoying both a relaxing hammam and a spectacular descent? If the idea is tempting, fly to Istanbul, discover its rich history and spas, then visit the ski resort Erzurum. This is one of the coldest cities in Turkey and boasts two ski areas, Palandöken and Konakli.

The season starts early in December and ends in May, and the best peak of the mountain to explore, if you’re experienced and looking for new sensations, is Great Ejder peak that rises at 3.100 meters above the sea level. If you don’t feel like trying this natural trail, you can choose slopes of various difficulties in the resort.

5. Sierra Nevada, California

Let’s face it, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about California is definitely not the ski. In fact, one would think about sun, long beaches and surf. However, the lovers of ski should definitely visit California, more precisely the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Here, besides admiring amazing blue lakes and awesome landscapes, can be lived a unique skiing experience. The resorts are many, and you will only have the embarrassment of the choice. There is a right slope for every skier and you can change district and views between California and Nevada. In addition to the skiing in the Lake Tahoe area, you can also enjoy a kayaking experience. What else could you wish for?

6. Oukaimeden, Morocco

Skiing in Morocco… Are you kidding me? Well, no! Not everyone knows, but in this exotic country, at only 75 kilometres from Marrakech, can be lived one of the most unusual skiing experiences, in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains.

Be prepared to experience something completely different than everything else you might be used to. At Oukaimeden the resorts are somehow primitive, but the landscapes are unforgettable. Imagine skiing freely on fresh snow, watching an unreal landscape formed by the hot desert at your feet and the snow-capped peaks in the background, with the sun shining at the horizon, listening the imam’s chant calling the faithful to the prayer. I can only say the experience is unique, and the real charm is given exactly by the “primitive” air of this country, where it seems that time stood still and the modernity didn’t get the chance to touch the people and the local culture.


So if your dream is to live a different skiing experience, you now must only choose your favourite place and live the experience of your life. Bon voyage!