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Carrie Pickerden

Amazing Destinations to Discover in England

Let's face it, England is not necessarily a famous tourist destination. It’s true, millions of people visit London each year, and England’s capital is indeed a fabulous city, but most of the tourists never wonder what is there to see beyond it.

When thinking about England, many travellers don’t even know what interesting places this land has. Yet, England is a wonderful country, with spectacular landscapes, picturesque villages, and historical realms. So let’s find out what to see in England beyond London, you might be surprised of how many amazing destinations are on this island.

1. Brighton

Located on the coast of Sussex, Brighton is a popular resort since the 19th century. Basically, the most popular resort in Britain when it comes beaches and the seaside. It is located near London, it boasts amazing English gardens, a fantastic promenade, and wonderful Victorian houses that face the sea and offer tourist accommodations. Moreover, Brighton has a bustling nightlife too and is frequented by many celebrities and athletes.


2. Lake District

The Lake District is England's largest national park, a mountainous region known for its beautiful routes which are quite rare in the Albion region. The area is extremely popular, attracting more than 15 million visitors annually. The park includes the highest mountain peak in England, Scafell Peak and the longest lake, Windermere. If you’re not into trekking, you can just relax having a pleasant stroll on the paths that inspired the poet William Wordsworth, born here in the 19th century, or have a ride in the scenic steam train that crosses the region.

3. St. Ives

Located on the British coast near Cornwall, St. Ives was originally a fishing village and remained the only port in the southeastern England. Today, the picturesque village of 12,000 inhabitants has become a very popular holiday resort, receiving the title of the best seaside town in the UK, in 2010 and 2011. Here you can climb the inspiring hills nearby or stroll along the narrow cobbled streets and admire the beautiful houses, the boutiques, and the art galleries.

St Ives

4. Bath

Bath gets its name from what it actually was in the Roman times. In fact, this city was founded in the year 60 by the Romans who built here several thermal baths located over some hot springs. The city has gained popularity in the times of King George when the nobility came here to relax. Besides being famous for its thermal waters, the city is an excellent example of the Georgian architecture. In addition, today is a well-known cultural scene with many outdoor theatres. The food is delicious here, and the city represents a good starting point for a day trip to the monolithic structure of Stonehenge.

5. Cambridge

Cambridge is a historic town located about 80 kilometres north of London, home of the famous University with the same name, one of the most popular places of education worldwide. The city was founded in 1209 and the students constitute nearly 20% of its population. Here you can have a tour of the university, take a boat ride on the river Cam or visit the Fitzwilliam Museum where are housed many collections of antique pieces.

6. Oxford

This famous Saxon village dates from the times when it was known as Oxenaforda or the place where oxen were crossing a river. Today is known for the oldest university in the English-speaking world, which was founded in the 12th century but the area also boasts some beautiful castles, a Christian cathedral, and some other attractions. Thanks to the students that come here from all over the world, Oxford is a multicultural town with a strong British charm.

7. York

York is a fortress city that has a huge cultural heritage, located in the conjunction of the rivers Ouse and Foss. There are many tourist attractions in York. One of these is York Minster, a cathedral of stone in which are housed several remarkable artworks. Another attraction is the Clifford medieval tower, built by Henry III in the 13th century, a great place from where to admire mesmerizing views over the city.


As you can see, there is much more to see in England than the famous London, all you have to do is get a map, draw a plan and have a fabulous trip. Bon voyage!