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Carrie Pickerden

7 Travel Ideas Inspired by Famous Films

Some of us always have a strong desire to travel, to explore new places or to return to cities already seen and discover them from a whole new perspective. And what can be better than a movie to find inspiration for a weekend getaway?

Watch some of the most famous films to find inspiration and ideas about travel destinations where you can go alone, in company, or even with the whole family.

1. Rome

After the huge success of “The Great Beauty”, the film that won the Oscar for Paolo Sorrentino in 2013 as the best foreign film, many travellers have begun to look to Rome with new eyes, the city returning to its golden era of the CineCittà and Fellini. The Capital of the World has always been on the top among the most desirable destinations in the world, but Sorrentino showed some of its unusual places to the general public. Therefore, you now have a great reason to explore the Eternal City and get lost in the history and culture presented in the film.


2. Budapest

Budapest is the perfect city for a weekend getaway because in a few days you can visit all of the most important attractions. The Hungarian capital has become a favourite destination for many fans of the cinema after the release of the film “Grand Hotel Budapest” by Wes Anderson. For the record, the hotel that inspired the director is actually the Bristol Palace in Karlovy Vary, a spa resort in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, Budapest has its unique charm that will always inspire visitors.

3. London

London offers countless travel ideas and things to see. But if you decide to go with the whole family, including children, you should definitely visit the Harry Potter Studio at Warner Bros. This world of the wizards is visited by millions of tourists every year. Here you can relive the film’s atmosphere in the places frequented by Harry and his mates, while the kids will also be able to purchase a wand from Ollivander and drink a Butterbeer at the Leaky Cauldron.


4. Provence

For a relaxing weekend in nature, Provence is the ideal place. The colours and the lush vegetation make this place almost magical. Different directors have chosen to set their films here, making known the landscape to everyone. Find the inspiration in “A Good Year”, featuring Russell Crowe or in the “Magic in the Moonlight” by Woody Allen, then explore those lavender fields on your own.

5. Paris

Paris has always been one of the most popular cities in the world, a Mecca for art lovers and history enthusiasts. The City of Light has been the scene of many successful films. If you are fascinated by its retro side, watch “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen and then book the first flight and relive the magical live atmosphere.


6. Florence

History, culture, nature. These are just some of the ingredients that make Florence a magical place, perfectly told in the film “Young fabulous”, which tells the story of Giacomo Leopardi. But maybe the city became more famous after the release of “Inferno”, a film inspired by the book of the same name by Dan Brown, which uses the city of Dante and its treasures to create intriguing mysteries.

7. Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of many faces and to discover them all you would probably need more than a couple of weeks. But if the time is short, inspire yourself from the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. Once again, Woody Allen creates scenes of sublime atmosphere, while the two beautiful protagonists will inspire you about what to do in the Catalan city. Just arm yourself with a map and follow their path.



Now, all you have to do is to choose your favourite destination, or favourite film, and decide where to spend you next fabulous getaway. Bon voyage!